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How it really looked :)

Using Gybow

With Gybow, ideas can be truly limitless, whilst the car is kept entirely in camera

• Set the car in any location, free of logistical limits, perfect for code red prototypes.

• Perfect for clients who love to use a real car and keep it all in camera.

• Free your imagination with purely CG environments.

• Ideal for limited editions, vintage cars, one-off concepts…whenever the real thing is much better than the 3D data.

• Add a new dimension to your studio shoots – use Gybow as a wildly creative lighting rig.

Logistics advantages set Gybow ahead of the curve

• Budget friendly, a fraction of the cost of an LED stage.

• Light weight and mobile, Gybow packs into 3 cases.

• Easy international transport.

• Set up time is just a few hours.

• Environmentally friendly, runs on regular house power.

• Efficient energy consumption compared to LED stages.

• Hire as full Gybow system with operator.

Round numbers: Studio requirements to use Gybow

• Gybow works with any camera/software capable of exposure times of 30 seconds.

• Gybow loves the dark! Studio space needs full blackout.

• Ceiling mount point for system motor

• Rotating rig diameter 33 ft / 10 m

• Minimal studio width 40 ft / 12 m

• Minimal studio height 19 ft / 5.8

 This is an overview only - please contact us for full details.