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Why Gybow is unique

 A stage further than LED

Gybow’s lightweight and flexible LED rig system far surpasses LED stages:

• The car is wrapped 360º in a true hemisphere of the location, totally natural lighting with no black holes.

• Photographers can use long lenses and stand as far away from the car as they want.

• Additional lighting can be added wherever it’s needed, without visible stands.

• Optional variable diffusion blends the pixels to create a more natural look - no more reflected grids.

• Light painting technique gives smaller pixel pitch.

A revolution in lighting rigs

Gybow was invented, designed, built and patented by Arne Weiss, Hans-Peter Schroeder, Manfred Bleichwehl and Peter Creelman.

Their decades of experience in car photography and HDRI sphere image capture inspired Gybow, a revolutionary arc that bridges the analog and digital worlds.

The infinite digital possibilities of CGI are brought back, full circle, into real life automotive photography…

real reflections
on the real materials
on a real car
with a real camera.